Wednesday, September 19, 2007

21I found a podcast!! There's lots of infomation that can be downloaded and listened to at one's leisure.
6 I looked at flickr mash-ups. One can create all kinds of things with their photos or someone else's. I can't say I would use this a lot.

This is out of order because I missed it on the first go around.
23 The End. How welcome are those words. I will admit I learned a lot and found some things very interesting. My favorite discovery was Pandora--easy to use and useful for music.

I would not participate if another project like this if it is offered. I simply did not take away enough to justify the time and headache. But at least I can say I finished this one.

If technology is your thing, this is the program for you--you'll be amazed at all you will discover.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

#22 I created an account in NetLibrary. I am a huge fan of audiobooks. I think this is a great service.
#20 I looked at youtube and google videos and got a laugh from some of the videos. I can see a use in the library--tours of branches, sharing through pictures what we can offer (in branch or on-line) Since these sites are well used by young people, it would put the library face where it can be seen and maybe create new library users.
#19 The awards list is incredible. I listened to Pandora (free radio) and did it my way (no rap for me) I looked at google maps. There is so much to try. I think I'll go back to that when I finish and play with it some more. Everything that we have looked at over the course of the last 18 things were on the list.
#18 Created a ZoHo account and made a to do list. It wasn't something I would do much because I am not a frequent e-mail checker and a piece of paper and a pencil can do much the same. However if you wanted to create a document or spread sheet to share, that would be the way to go. I especially like the idea that you needn't worry about the software working together. How many times does that happen? Quite a few!